Saturday, June 29, 2019

Romancing Peace by Dan Wunsch

Dan Wunsch

Dan Wunsch and Julie Ingram will be at the Fanatic Salon Theater, 3815 Sawtelle Blvd.; in Culver City this Sunday June 30th, 2019 for a reading at 3:30pm reception and reading at 4:00pm of his play Romancing Peace.  

“Dan Wunsch is an accomplished songwriter from Nashville with over 7 compositions recorded by independent country artists.  His tune, “Water Makes Her Clothes Stay On” has been recorded by David Frizzell, a Grammy, CMA and ACM award-winning singer, and is performed in the “Secret Seduction Scene.”

Julie Ingram* is well known as a country singer on the Nashville music scene.  Several of her albums have been recorded in Music City, and she performs frequently in Nashville including at the annual Country Radio Seminar.  She will be performing her composition “Forever and a Day” in the reading.  
Romancing Peace by Dan Wunsch is a work in progress that I have seen more than once.

Wunsch is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who has a never say die attitude.  So, this particular play has gone through a number of variations, some moments that I liked and others that I did not like.  But, Dan keeps moving on, pushing forward, and trying to push his message, the best message, forward.

And, it is a good message or at least one that keeps moving in the right direction.

Daniel (Dan Wunsch) is a quiet man, kind of crass, and someone without direction and focus.  He plays a gig here and there when he meets up with Sara a progressive woman who is into a cause of saving the children mostly from wars and the military industrial complex.

Sara is at the venue with her girlfriend Kim (Xiomara Bernard) and Daniel tries to make the move on both of them. (I’m not sure if that is still in the play.) Rose (Julie Ingram*), the bartender, will make a surprise guest appearance.   

Daniel falls in love with Sara but she is adamant about her causes if their relationship is to continue.  But one thing is sure, Daniel better get serious and put his womanizing stuff behind him. Or, so says Sara because she wants a partner to help her leave a better world before their time is up.

And so they are off to change the world, or at the very least Venice, California.  

“The play is a cultural clash between LA and Nashville.  LA is represented by the character Sara, who is a “Modern Liberated California Woman”, and Daniel, who she considers a “Culturally Brain Damaged American Male” when it comes to sex.”

Come meet the artists this Sunday, stay for the reading, and listen to some marvelous songs.

Victor Valleau - Narrator
Roz O'Connor - Sara
Dan Wunsch - Daniel
Xiomara Bernard - Kim
Gary Gibson - Big Son/Wolfman Jim
Mariana Edwards - Rose
Nilou Kashfi - Homeless
Brittany Cardinas - Akira
Nicolas Coster - Walter Crondike
Steve Murphy - Assassin
Jon Edwards - Greg Thompson
Jana Dimitrievska - Questioner

And Dan, sing louder.

*(Breaking) Due to unfortunate circumstances Julie Ingram will not be performing. 

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