Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Straw Awards 2013 – Part II - Writers, Directors, & Cast

By Joe Straw 

Sometimes you have to wonder how theatre gets done in this town – how everything comes together, the play, the venue, the actors, the scheduling, for the night when all the lights are lowered and that first entrance is made.

Theatre is done with creative beasts doing the heavy emotional lifting, toiling wearily, committed to the cause, and not stopping until the job is done.  And we sit and watch with malicious enjoyment as the indefinably audacious performers scuttle from one conflict to the next.

It is to these fine shows that I give the Last Straw Award 2013 to the Writers, Directors, and Cast for putting it all out there and giving their audience the emotional sustenance they need to continue on.

I witnessed a number of exceptional plays; impressive panoply of exceptional theatre in 2013, but the ones below left a mark on my creative being.   

The North Plan by Jason Wells
Director – David Fofi
Producer – Lindsay Allbaugh
Kerry Carney
Bernadette Speakes
Stan Roth
Chris Game
Salvator Xuereb
John Forest

Peter Pan the Boy Who Hated Mothers by Michael Lluberes
Director - Michael Matthews
Producers – Sarah A. Bauer, Matthew Graber, Daniel Henning, Stephen Moffatt and Noah Wyle
Liz Burns
Daniel Shawn Miller
Trisha LaFache
Benjamin Campbell
Jackson Evans
David Hemphill
Amy Lawhorn

Rodeo Town by Graham Bowlin
Director – Cameron Strittmatter
Producer – Bellwether Brothers Theatre Works
Harry Beer
Dustin Bayers
Eric Cire
Dustin Gooch

The End of It by Paul Coates
Director – Nick Degruccio
Producer – End LA & Scott Disharoon
Paul Coates
William Franklin Barker
Wendy Radford
Kelly Coffield Park
David Youse

the road weeps, the well runs dry by Marcus Gardley
Director:  Shirley Jo Finney
Produced by José Lus Valenzuela and General Manager Paul Stuart Graham
Darrell Dennis
Elizabeth Frances
Demetrius Grosse
Matthew Hancock
Brent Jennings
Monnac Michaell
Simone Missick
Darryl Alan Reed
Montae Russell
Nakia Secrest
Shaun Taylor Corbett

The "Ortiz" award for outstanding theatrical achievement this years goes to "the road weeps, the well runs dry" by Marcus Gardley. 

This award represents a grand achievement for diversity in a theatrical production.  It is something I worked for as the SAG Hollywood President of the EEOC and continues today through this blog.

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