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The Last Straw Awards 2015

By Joe Straw

I remember shows for years.  Not every infinitesimal detail but the general outline of the show, what worked, what didn’t, the moments that made the audience gasp in surprise, or in horror.  But mostly I remember the moments that propelled the actors onto the stage, and those moments when actors proudly came off stage – supremely satisfied by what they had done.

Meeting an actor after a successful performance is extremely fulfilling and I wish there were many more meet-and-greets after shows.  Because, that’s what this business is all about, being seen. 

In any case, these are the actors, writers, and directors whose work I considered exceptional.


Proof By David Auburn - Moth Theatre
Amanda Brooks - Catherine
Felicity Price – Claire

Hellman v. McCarthy by Brian Richard Mori – Theatre 40
Dick Cavett – himself

finding Nick by Nicholas Guest – Zephyr Theatre
Nicholas Guest – himself

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams – The Renegade Theatre
Wilson Better – Tom

The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side by Derek Ahonen – The Matrix
Patrick Scott Lewis – Donovan

The Woodsman by Steven Fechter – The Coeurage Theatre Company
Tim Cummings – Walter
Cesar Ramos – Carlos
Joey Nicole Thomas – Nikki

Light Sensitive by Jim Geoghan – The Moth
Preston Acuff – Tom
Sasha Kapustina – Edna
Ned Liebl – Lou

Oh My God by Anat Gov
Mike Burstyn – God

André & Dorine by Jose Dault and Garbine Iñsausti – Los Angeles Theatre Center
Jose Dault
Garbiñe Insausti
Edu Carcamo

This is a Man’s World by Sal Lopez – Los Angeles Theatre Center
Sal Lopez

The Misanthrope by Moliere – adapted by Tony Tanner
Kathy Bell Denton – Arsinoe

Little Red – Book by Anthony Aguilar & Oscar T. Basulto – Music by Quetzal Flores – Lyrics by Anthony Aguilar & Quetzal Flores – Casa 0101
Xolo Maridueña – Corky
Ray Steward-De La Fuenta – Don Coyote

King Dick by Christian Levatino – Gangbusters Theatre Company
Christian Levatino – E
Corryn Cummins – Dottie Stevens 

Richard III by William Shakespeare – The Eclectic Company Theatre
Jesse Merlin – Buckingham
David Pinion – George Duke of Clarence

Orphans by Lyle Kessler – Theatre of NOTE
Darrett Sanders – Harold

The Great Divide by Lyle Kessler – The Lillian
Mark McClain Wilson – Noah

Mojada A Medea in Los Angeles – a new adaptation by Luis Alfaro – Boston Court at The Getty Villa
Marlene Forte – Armida
VIVIS – Tita

Cat On a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams – The Lonny Chapman Theatre
Madeline Fair – Margaret
Daniel Kaemon – Brick
Kyra Schwartz – Mae

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre – Oh My Ribs! Theatre
Carolyn Hennesy – Inez

Boyle Height by Josefina López – Casa 0101
Javier Ronceros – Ruben
Karina Bustillos – Rosana

Nat Turner:  Following Faith by Paula Neiman – Theatre/Theater
Sade Moore – Nancy
Phrederic Semaj – Hark

Garbo’s Cuban Lover by Odalys Nanin – Macha Theatre
Clementine Heath – Garbo

57 Chevy by Cris Franco – Los Angeles Theatre Center
Ric Salinas – Cris, Jr.

Pain by Paul Coates – Caminito Theatre
Fred Fate – Various roles
Paul Coates - actor
Lisa Beezley – Charlotte


Clean Start – writers Kathy Fischer & Josefina López
King Dick – writer Christian Levatino
In Love and Warcraft – writer Madhuri Shekar
Mojada A Medea in Los Angeles – writer Luis Alfaro
The Latina Christmas Special – writers by Maria Russell, Diana Yanez, and Sandra Valls
Pain – Writer Paul Coates


John Markland – Proof by David Auburn
Jeremy Lelliott – The Woodsman By Steven Fechter
John Markland – Light Sensitive by Jim Geoghan
Christian Levatino – King Dick by Christian Levatino
Jessica Kubzansky – Mojada A Medea in Los Angeles by Luis Alfaro
L Flint Esquerra – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams
Edward Padilla – Boyle Heights by Josefina López

And the Ortiz Award 2015, representing diversity in a theatrical presentation goes to
Boyle Heights – Casa 0101

Thank you to the Los Angeles Theatre Community.

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